I wasn’t looking for a dentist when friends recommended I see Dr. Brown. But since I had considered the idea of having veneers to correct damage from a childhood injury, I decided to give her a try since I heard ‘she was the best.’ Boy, am I ever grateful I took that advice! Dr. Brown is a true artist. I am amazed at her attention to detail. I am thrilled with how my new smile turned out!

– Janet

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Dental Hygiene

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Personalized Hygiene Program

We are proud of our dental hygiene team. They serve a crucial role of helping you maintain your dental health for a lifetime. They have attended numerous continuing education courses to better serve you with the latest techniques. Dr. Brown and our Dental Hygienists believe that our mission is to empower you with information for your overall health and wellness. We will evaluate your needs and make recommendations to provide you with a complete program of oral hygiene that results in a healthy, attractive smile that lasts a lifetime.

We will provide you with the most current information on:

  • Proper brushing & flossing
  • Home dental product recommendations
  • Oral health nutrition
  • Periodontal care
  • Fluoride treatment options
  • Whitening systems
  • Oral cancer prevention
  • Oral health counseling during pregnancy
  • Oral health care for babies & children

Whether you need routine hygiene appointments or treatment for periodontal disease, our hygienists will partner with you to preserve your teeth for a lifetime. We will help you develop a hygiene program specifically tailored for you.

Dry Mouth Treatment

Do you have dry mouth? Gum, water and candy don’t work. But we know what does. Oxyfresh.

Oxyfresh products are professional products that are specially formulated to relieve dry mouth and freshen breath. They include:

  • Power Rinse and Breath Spray
  • Power Paste
  • Super Relief Gel

If you have chronic Dry Mouth or bad breath, ask us about Oxyfresh!