Having been a dental hygienist, the day I walked into Dr Tanya Brown's office, I knew I was in good hands. I am so proud of my new smile & I receive compliments all the time.

– Candy

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PresiDental Election

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Get ready for an election you can be excited about! Cast your vote and help us elect our next PresiDENT at our practice!

Please vote for your favorite team member who possesses the following qualities:

  • Honest communication
  • Team player
  • Desire to help others
  • A good chair side manner

It is always our main priority to provide you with exceptional service.

Remember, your vote matters!



Natalie Burhop – Dental Assistant

I love working for my practice because I have the best boss and teammates. We have great patients and enjoy seeing them every day.

If I’m elected Presi-DENT I will make sure everyone has a beautiful smile and are cavity free!






April Johns – Treatment/Financial Coordinator

A smile is worth a thousand words and I am committed to being a part of a team that creates healthy, attractive smiles. I love being a part of something that makes others look and feel their best! Every day I get to share my love for smiling. Remember, “It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime.” ― Steve Maraboli

If elected Presi-DENT, I will…
Promise to take the “dent” out of dental. I promise to help you get the dental care you deserve by maximizing your insurance allowance and assisting with your financial options. Together, we will make your dream smile come true. Exercise your right to choose with April – a perfect fit for your dental care!


Candace Crace – Dental Hygienist

I love working at Dr. Brown’s office because we are able to provide all of our amazing patients with comprehensive, personalized care which focuses on preventive dental health and wellness. TCCRD is an office that is unlike any other and we truly do care about our patients. I enjoy the advanced technology I am able to use in the office along with being given the time to continue with my hygiene education. The Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry exceeds any and all expectations of a favorable/ fun working environment.

If elected Presi-DENT, I will…
* Personally fund the mission to invent a Comfortable/ Gag resistant X-Ray sensors to ease the troubles of having X-Rays taken.
* Ensure that all patients are eligible, free of cost increase, for the Platinum level of all dental insurance coverage. (applies also to the Affordable Care Act)
* Instead of building walls, I am going to tear down any ‘walls’ of calculus you may have on your teeth (gently).
* The only ‘bleachbit’ used will be to whiten teeth or remove any unsightly stains permanently.
* I ensure all employers give patients mandatory paid leave of absence for any dental procedures needed.
* And of course… I will guarantee pizza every Friday and WORLD PEACE. 🙂


Megan Brown – Scheduling Coordinator

megan-scheduling-coordinator-in-chesapeakeI love working for Dr. Brown’s practice because she has so much to offer in her education and skills. She truly cares about the patients’ health and wellbeing. I have been working for Dr. Brown for a little over a year and I have gained a great deal of dental knowledge. It has been the best decision I have ever made!

If elected Presi-DENT, I will
– Make patients dental dreams come true!
– Have the Tooth Fairies leave $100 underneath your pillow every time you come to see Dr. Brown.
– Give every patient, if needed, a special toothpaste that makes you lose 2 lbs. after brushing your teeth.


Yana Wood – Dental Assistant

Simply put, I love my job! It is a privilege to be a dental care provider. I love working with Dr. Brown and my colleagues because everyone is willing to help me to go an extra mile. I am learning new things and being positively challenged every day. Our team has a passion for dentistry and we are eager to help every patient to achieve their best smile! Dr. Brown has committed to staying up-to-date on the latest advancements in dental technology. At TCCRD, we know that every person’s dental needs are unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of treatment options in a comfortable, convenient atmosphere. We’re confident we can provide superior dental care that no other dentist in Chesapeake can offer. We making the world a better place, one smile at a time. I am proud to be a part of the dental professionals.

If elected Presi-DENT, I will…
1. I will thoroughly explain treatment and make your comfort my priority.
2. I will continue to update my training, skills, and education to better serve all patients.
3. I promise to provide the finest dentistry available with a focus on total well-being.
4. My goal is to be your partner in achieving a healthy mouth with a beautiful smile.
5. I believe that by listening to your concerns and educating you, I empower you to make choices that will greatly impact not only your smile, but your overall well-being.


Lani Villarin – Dental Assistant

We have such an amazing group of patients, and our doctor is amazing.

If elected Presi-DENT, I will strive to give you better health for a better smile.