Having been a dental hygienist, the day I walked into Dr Tanya Brown's office, I knew I was in good hands. I am so proud of my new smile & I receive compliments all the time.

– Candy

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Get the Bling Back in Your Smile. Teeth Whitening from Chesapeake’s Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Tanya Brown


Everything you eat and drink, especially those “adult beverages” like red wine, colas and coffee, can stain your teeth and darken your smile. And those dull, stained teeth can make you look older, more tired. It may seem odd, but it is true.  Studies show that white teeth are much more attractive than dark stained teeth – they look cleaner and fresher!

Fortunately, you aren’t doomed to have a dull or yellowed smile forever! We offer two wonderfully effective teeth whitening options: in-office whitening and take home tooth bleaching. Both options work very well, but in-office whitening gives you results in about an hour – a real benefit if you are whitening your teeth for a special event or just to give yourself a little pick-me-up. Our in-office smile whitenings are especially popular for class reunions because of the rejuvenating effects a dazzling smile can have on your appearance. Just take a look at celebrity smiles and you’ll see what a difference a really white smile can make.

Take home whitening is ideal for any of our Chesapeake dental patients who are a little bit more sensitive to bleaching products or who want to whiten their teeth at times that are more convenient to them. Some of our dental patients whiten their smiles while they are commuting, while others do it while they check their email or watch TV. However and whenever you choose to do your take-home tooth whitening, you will see dramatic results in about two weeks.

For more information about how our in-office or take-home smile whitening  can make your smile whiter and more glamorous than you ever thought possible, call our Chesapeake dental office at 866.861.7962. We’d love to help you get the white smile of your dreams.